zs starter template


This is a zs starter template. A live version of this site can be found here.


Quick Start

git clone https://git.mills.io/prologic/zs-starter-template.git
cd zs-starter-template
make dev

Open your browser to http://localhost:8000


Aside from the regular Markdown TestPage that demonstrates the full capabilities of the Markdown support for zs, there are a number of additional extensions enabled by default:


With the [anchors][anchors] extension so you can link to any section(s) on the page like Quick Start.

💡 Tip: Try hovering over any of the headings on this page!

D2 Diagrams

With the d2 extension you can draw and diagrams such as:



With the embed extension you can embed [Youtube][youtube] videos like:


With the fences extension you can

Life Inside Fences

We are now inside a div with the css-class “blue”. This can be used to style this block

fences can be nested and given ids as well as classes


With the highlighting extension you can syntax highlight code samples:

package main

import "fm"

func main() {
    fmt.Println("Hello World!");

With the wikilink extension you can link to other pages more easily like SandBox.

We can even do slides!

And Kanban Boards!

Remember cgi scripts?


zs-starter-template is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL License

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